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With a variety of powerful new features, SEP sesam is now even better suited to the growing demands of changing IT-environments. SEP sesam Tigon not only offers new agents and hypervisor modules, but also significantly improved functionality to make data protection a lot easier.

New Features

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Support and fulfilment of your IT-Security

Enhanced functionalities about conformable to law implemetations

like EU DGSVO 

More freedom in virtual environments – multi-hypervisor support

  • With KVM/QEMU the 5th hypervisor platform in addition to VMware, Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer, RHV is supported 

  • Eased handling in VMware environments: easier management of big environments, automation, filtering, etc.


Comprehensive, certified SAP support

  • Support now of the complete SAP platform portfolio including SAP ASE (formerly Sybase), SAP HANA, SAP HANA2 and IBM Power and Intel architecture




Time saving through self-service restore

  • With the Self-Service Restore files can be recovered fastly from the user without the need of an administrator

  • With the included authorization concept the data privacy is secured





SEP sesam Tigon - Introduction of New Features




SEP Sesam on Youtube

Content of the On Demand Webinar:

  • Overview of new features
  • Roadmap (5:21)
  • SAP ASE (Sybase) support (07:16)
  • KVM backup module (11:57)
  • VMware new features such as automated protection of new VMs (15:24)
  • Self Service Restore (18:48)
  • Kopano (19:57)
  • Authentication (20:59)
  • Initial Seed (23:22)
  • SSL encryption (25:20)
  • NDMP new features (26:39)
  • Si3 DedupStore encryption (28:37)
  • Red Hat Virtualization (RHV) new features (30:08)
  • New Day / Big Data Backup (31:29)

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SEP sesam Tigon - New Features


Complete the SEP Portfolio of SAP Agents




  • Online backup of SAP NetWeaver based on Sybase ASE
  • Uses SAP ASE API
  • Sybase on Windows and Linux
  • Sybase as of V16
  • Automatic management of DB backups and retention
  • Backup management of DB and transaction logs (FULL/INC)
  • Could be used also for native Sybase without SAP











Top VMware Usability
New Experience of VMware Backup Configuration






  • Simple management of big numbers of VMs
  • Bulk creation of backup tasks for existing and new VMs
  • Task distribution into
  • predefined groups
  • Bulk deletion of tasks without VMs
  • VM filtering via name,
  • state, os etc.
  • Saving of customized views
  • Automatic task creation for new VMs via scheduled scripting

Take care of user management


  • Grant and restrict access to SEP sesam server
  • Define users, roles and permissions
  • Roles: Admin, Operator, Restore
  • Choose either policy-based (default) or  DB-based authentication


  • Definition based on Java policies (sm_java.policy)
  • Refer to users on hosts
  • Wildcards possible
  • Example:permission de.sep.sesam.gui.server.OperatorPermission "operator@veteranix"
  • Enforces Login and Password
  • Admin can create new users and permissions
  • Definition via GUI
  • Users are kept in the sesam database
  • Login for GUI and browser Dashboard 

Support and fulfilment of your IT-Security
Backup and Recovery from start to finish



  • After cutting the data stream into chunks and compression of each chunk, each chunk can now be encrypted by an arbitrary admin-defined keyDefine users, roles and permissions
  • Encryption has to be set in the properties of the first drive of a Si3 DedupStore
  • Requires activated authentication
  • Uses the key algorithm: IDEA


  • Ensures compliance with general data protection legislation (e.g. BSI)drive of a Si3 DedupStore
  • Completes the encrypted data chain after transmission
  • Alternative to software-based and LTO encryption










  • Certificate-based protocol Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) can be used for transmission of backup data
  • Certificates based on OpenSSL


  • Alternative for https
  • External certificates can be used
  • Mitigates the need for VPN






Self Service Restore
Easy, fast and efficient restore by the user




  • Restore of your files wherever and whenever you need it
  • Fast recovery by the user without the need of an administrator
  • Big easement especially for MSPs 
  • Easy-to-use web frontend
  • Navigation and search function
  • Diverse restore options (to original path, to custom path, new version, overwrite existing files and do not overwrite existing files)
  • Help button for each function
  • Easy to switch between Restore Assistant, Restore Monitor and Dashboard










Kopano Backup
With Kopano SEP sesam supports now the 6th email system





  • Online Backup for Kopano Groupware Server
  • Single Item Restore of emails, mailboxes or public folders
  • Exclude of specific mailboxes is possible
  • Support of all Kopano Editions (except Kopano Community Edition)
  • New with Kopano:
    • Full Backup only
    • Restore to mailfolder















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